Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 2013-03-22

Year – Week: 2013 – 12

Weekly summary
Multiple South Korean banks and broadcasters were hit by a group of unknown hackers going by the name of “Whois Team”, and there are of course rumors going around that they’re originating from North Korea.
In response to the remark made by Google last week Microsoft, too, Says FBI secretly is surveilling their customers.
Krebs followed up on the story he released last week when cyber criminals had targeted him, disclosing how he tracked the attackers and even did an interview with them. NATO also released their Cyber War Manual, detailing rule sets that should be followed in future Cyber Wars. A video has also been floating around, showing a perpetrator in Russia who manages to install and run 3rd party software on an ATM (the choice of software in this case was Angry Birds).

More information:,hacked-atm-plays-angry-birds.aspx

Important Software Security updates
Ruby on Rails

Security tips
Google has released a site with information on what to do if your site has been hacked. It goes through steps to follow in case your site has been hacked and touch base on things such as contacting your hosting company (beginner) to quarantine your site (intermediate) and identifying the vulnerability (advanced).

More information:

Security news
AT&T hacker “Weev” sentenced to 41 months in prison, after obtaining the email addresses of 100,000+ iPad users

TeamSpy snooped on governments, big biz undetected for 10 years

Chameleon botnet grabbed $6m A MONTH from online ad-slingers

California duo charged with selling ready-to-hack Point-of-Sale systems to Subway branches

Researcher sets up illegal 420,000 node botnet for IPv4 internet map