Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 2013-03-15

Year – Week: 2013 – 11

Weekly summary
The big headlines this week has been how security expert Brian Krebs was targeted by criminals who amongst other things took down his site and had police raid his house. Google has also released information on how FBI is secretly spying on some of its customers, and a Reuters Editor has been indicted for allegedly helping hackers break into Tribune Co. Facebook also released information on how the hack didn’t have as much impact as it could have had – due to the amount of preparations they had taken for these occurances.

Important Software Security updates
Adobe Flash Player

Security tips
The tip of this week is to turn on “Click-to-play”. This means that in order to have a Flash video or Java applet run on a website, you’ll need to press a button to confirm you want to run this. This means that no hidden flash objects or java applets that can cause issues on your computer will launch automatically.

More information:

Security news
Security expert Brian Krebs targeted by angry criminals out for revenge – causing simultaneous fake take-down letters to his ISP, DDOS of his website and a fake distress call leading to an armed police raid of his home.

Crown casino hi-tech scam nets $32 million

February 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Researchers Find 25 Countries Using Surveillance Software

Sinkholing of Trojan Downloader Zortob.B reveals fast growing malware threat