Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 20

One of the most talked about stories this week is the fact that a company found out that Skype is actually monitoring and checking links posted. This should, in my opinion, not come as a surprise to anyone working in the IT industry. If anything, I personally assume that everything I write online is logged in one way or another.
Also, something to keep in mind is that sometimes all it takes is one employee falling for a phishing attempt as was the case when The Onion was compromised. This serves as a good reminder on the importance of mitigating such attacks through informing employees of risks and running systems which can help mitigate these kind of attacks.

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
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View from inside Verizon’s security SWAT team
Five Things Every Organization Should Know about Detecting And Responding To Targeted Cyberattacks

Top 5 Miscellaneous Security links
Weakness in Adobe ColdFusion allowed court hackers access to 160K SSNs
Pushdo Botnet Morphs To Elude Hunters
Ragebooter: ‘Legit’ DDoS Service, or Fed Backdoor?
British LulzSec hackers hear jail doors slam shut for years
The Onion hack brings tears to my eyes

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