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Building Dreamhack, part three

DHCP design for IPv4 on Dreamhack I will describe the protocol DHCP in general and specific the DHCP design that we use at Dreamhack for IPv4. DHCP for IPv4 DHCP is a layer 3 protocol used for dynamic assignment of ip addresses and options to clients. The client device sends a layer 3 broadcast to […]

Building Dreamhack, part two

The next generation network or IPv6 Why change to IPv6 Every device connected to the internet need to have a IP address to be able to communicate. Today on internet the main OSI layer 3 (network layer) protocol used is IPv4. The IPv4 addresses is 32-bit, in total that makes 4294967296 addresses. The main problem with […]

Building Dreamhack, part one

Dreamhack is the world’s largest digital festival and holds the official world record as the world’s largest LAN party in the Guinness Book of World Records. Last event (november 2011) the network had 13 292 uniqe devices connected. The Dreamhack network team is responsible for planning, building, development, operations and teardown of the network. The […]