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Can Knowledge Management be solved in the Cloud?

Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) (ITILv3): [Service Transition] A set of tools and databases that are used to manage knowledge and information. The SKMS includes the Configuration Management System, as well as other tools and database. The SKMS stores, manages, updates, and presents all information that an IT Service Provider needs to manage the full […]

Strategic Planning: A 10 Step Guide – Part 2 of 2

In my previous blog post, I gave you a 10 step guide, an introduction to strategic planning and what it’s all about. I will now go further and explain each of the 10 steps in strategic planning. Step One — Selection and Communication It all starts with communication. The very first piece of information should […]

Strategic Planning: A 10 Step Guide – Part 1 of 2

Strategic Planning So what is strategic focus? Leadership models and new business models are key ingredients to success in this new, socially driven and aware business age. Any successful model is built around servant style leadership with a focus on strategic thinking by harnessing the creativity and innovation of the employees. The vehicle to accomplish this is […]