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BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-26

The top stories from this week is multiple critical vulnerabilities published in Symantec Endpoint Protection, and that StartEncrypt allowed attackers to gain SSL certificates for domains without authentication. You can also learn about hackers post-intrusion activities in a compromised network, and that the number of corporate users hit by crypto ransomware is skyrocketing. Beware of […]

BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-24

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as CrowdStrikes analysis and identification of two Russian intelligence adversaries present in the American Democratic National Committee (DNC) network, and a black market is selling access to government servers for 6$. You can also read a story about the zero-day flaw in Adobe Flash being […]

BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-22

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as how preloaded OEM software update tools is riddled with security flaws, and that TeamViewers users are experiencing unauthorized remote control. You can also read a story about an alleged 0-day Windows exploit for sale at $90,000, and that DDOS prices are plunging. Top 5 […]

Chinese salesmen in your inbox

The last days I have seen a few traditional unsolicited mails I wanted to post about. The gist of the mails are that someone claiming to represent some formal-sounding venture in a (to you) remote location, like China, are kind enough to inform that some other entity is going to register your brand name and […]