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Debugging IIS crashes – default WER location

I was debugging some IIS crashes last week and thought I’d follow up with a few basics here as its a common enough problem. Another time I might write a series of posts on using the windows debuggers in detail and how one can go about this from scratch, but for the moment here’s a […]

SQL Server setup fails due to partitioned network warnings from cluster service

I was building a new SQL Server 2008 R2 failover cluster recently and encountered a problem that I hadn’t seen before (which is rare as I’ve seen A LOT of cluster setup problems in my time!). This time it was strange as it was an error before setup actually ran, it was when I was […]

Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag – Basefarm Competition winner

For those of you who came to our stand at KTH earlier in the week you may have noticed (and entered) our competition to win some very cool wireless headphone by guessing the Basefarm bandwidth we serve from our Stockholm data center. As with all such calculations there are slightly different ways to calculate it […]

Follow up to Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag

As we mentioned earlier this week several Basefarm employees were onsite at the Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag yesterday speaking about careers in the IT sector. It was a really enjoyable day and we met some really interesting and intelligent people. We took away a good number of CVs and applications but we’d still like to receive more. […]

Basefarm will be at Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag next week – come and meet us

A selection of Basefarm employees will be at Kista Arbetsmarknadsdag next week on 28th March. Details are here: http://kam.ictcontact.se/se/about-kam We’ll be on the conference floor all day available to chat, but also myself and another colleague will be doing a talk about IT career development at 1430. We regularly try to take on graduates for […]

Tracing select statements on specific objects in SQL Server without using Profiler

A developer of an application asked me an interesting question the other day. He wanted to know (for reasons not worth going into here) whether his application issued select statements against a specific table in his database. This database was in production and under heavy load, so although we could run a server side SQL […]

pdfforge toolbar causes critical errors in Microsoft Office

Recently one of our customers (who has administrative access and is responsible for their own applications) chose to install the product pdfforge on their server. This server acts as a terminal server, providing Microsoft Office services for multiple users who access it remotely. Everything had been working fine on this server when one Sunday morning […]

SQL Server 2008 R2 setup fails due to invalid credentials

A colleague was trying to install a SQL Server 2008 R2 standalone instance today and he kept hitting a weird error when passing the credentials for the service accounts. He was running the setup as a local administrator on the server in question and he was trying to add a domain user as the service […]

SQL Server 2000 cannot start after windows update reboot

Last night we had an incident with one of our customers’  old SQL Server 2000 instances. The machine in question had had it’s WSUS windows update run last night and had been forced to reboot after this had occurred. After this happened the SQL Server service refused to start and just got stuck in a […]

Cannot add new node to windows hyper-v cluster–SCSI disk validation error

We make extensive use of Hyper-V within Basefarm and I recently encountered a strange problem when doing maintenance on a 5 node windows cluster running the hyper-v role. For reasons I won’t bore you with here (pre-production testing basically), I had been evicting and adding nodes to my host level windows cluster, but when trying […]