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Basefarm SIRT Newsletter #5

BF-SIRT NEWSLETTER #5 Year – Week: 2013 – 09 https://www.basefarm.com/en/technical-support/Basefarm-SIRT/ Weekly Summary This week, Microsoft also admitted to have been affected by the same attack that hit Apple and Facebook. Information on how Apple devices running the latest update can get their data compromised if the attacker has physical access to the phone was also […]

Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (APSB13-08)

Today, a Security Bulletin (APSB13-08) has been posted to address security issues in Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.168 and earlier versions for Windows, Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.167 and earlier versions for Macintosh, and Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Linux. Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 are being exploited in the […]

Java, the gift that keeps on giving

Security researchers have released information about two exploits affecting Java 7 that when combined allows an attacker to completely bypass the Java sandbox to install malware etc. There is at this time no fix from Oracle for this issue. We suggest that users follow the guide lines in this post: http://bfblogg.wpengine.com/blog/2013/02/02/java-1-7-0_13-update-fixes-50-security-vulnerabilities/ More information: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Zero-Day-Vulnerability-Affecting-Java-7-Update-15-and-Earlier-Versions-Identified-332157.shtml http://www.security-explorations.com/en/SE-2012-01-status.html

Basefarm SIRT Newsletter #4

BF-SIRT NEWSLETTER #4 Year – Week: 2013 – 08 https://www.basefarm.com/en/technical-support/Basefarm-SIRT/ Weekly Summary This week, a lot of high profile companies have come forward about being victims of attacks. Companies like Apple and Facebook fell victims of Java exploits when browsing a well-known iOS developer forum, causing their computers to be taken over by attackers. This […]

Adobe Acrobat Reader updated APSB13-07

Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat XI (11.0.01 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh, X (10.1.5 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh, 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe Reader 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Linux. These updates address vulnerabilities that could cause a crash and […]

Mozilla Firefox / Thunderbird / SeaMonkey – Multiple Vulnerabilities

A weakness and multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in [Mozilla Firefox], Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information, conduct spoofing attacks, bypass certain security restrictions, and compromise a user’s system. The weakness and the vulnerabilities are reported in [Firefox versions prior to 19,] Thunderbird versions prior to […]

Java 7 update 15 / Java 6 update 41

A new version of Java has been released (version 7 update 15 and version 6 update 41), fixing four “Highly Critical” security vulnerabilities. You can download the latest version here: http://www.java.com Those running Windows can either chose to turn on automatic updates to be sure to always have the latest version: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/java_update.xml Remember to delete […]

Basefarm SIRT Newsletter #3

BF-SIRT INTERNAL NEWSLETTER #3 Year – Week: 2013 – 07 https://www.basefarm.com/en/technical-support/Basefarm-SIRT/ Weekly Summary Bit9, the security company that is used by many Fortune 100 firms and the U.S. Government for their software and network security was compromised last Friday. The attackers compromised Bit9’s network by gaining entry to some computers inside the Bit9 network where […]

Zero-day exploit for Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe has aknowledged a zero-day exploit for their Adobe Acrobat Reader product, and it’s currently being exploited in the wild. It appears that all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader are affected by this, and there is at this time no update available that fixes the issue. Because of this, we recommend uninstalling Adobe Acrobat Reader […]