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Basefarm Christmas calendar 2013

Christmas is just around the corner, and even if you are traveling for Christmas or staying home, it’s important to secure your IT for Christmas for security reasons. To help you out, we have created a Christmas calendar with basic security tips from our security team. We will give you 24 tips for a secure […]

VMworld 2013 in Barcelona

Basefarm participated as an exhibitor at Vmworld 2013 in Barcelona for the second time. In addition to having a booth at the VMware service provider pavilion, we also had the pleasure of taking part in a panel debate about VMware products together with one of our customers. Our business developer in Sweden, Stefan Månsby, represented […]

How we went from 40 to over 35 000 services

This is our story of how Basefarm went from handle the operations of 40 to over 35 000 services, reaching over 40 million end users around the world. What’s the secret behind our success? Born out of the IT bubble ashes When we founded Basefarm in 2000, we wanted to support companies and organizations that […]

Quick way to name your NICs in Windows Servers

If you, like me, manage many servers, it’s essential to name network adapters in a way that makes it easy to troubleshoot issues when they arise. In complex networks with thousands of servers and all servers connected using multiple paths a consistent naming standard is very important! PowerShell and the cmdlets available in Windows Server […]

Talking about technology trends

Earlier this summer our Chief Business Development Officer and VP in Sweden, Stefan Månsby, were representing Basefarm in an expert panel, talking about trends in the technology magazine IDG. We thought that you who like technology trends would be interested in reading about what we think about the trends. Below you can see Stefan Månsby’s […]

Geek day 2013

Tomorrow is the official Geek day for geeks and nerds around the world. The Geek day has been celebrated on May 25 since 2006. The day originated in Spain as “Día del Orgullo Friki” and with help from internet it has been spread worldwide. What is a geek? In my opinion I see a geek […]

Welcome to Basefarm’s bank and finance seminar in Stockholm!

Welcome to Basefarm’s free breakfast seminar in Stockholm for you in the bank & finance industry! May 29 we will go through everything you need to know about business critical bank and finance systems like secure payments and DDoS. We discuss practical projects and give you knowledge, inspiration and tools that are important in a […]

Implementing Personal Kanban

A couple of months ago I discovered Kanban, a tool used in different manufacturing and development processes. Up until now I had the impression that Lean, Kanban, Just-In-Time was mostly for software development and building cars. No way it could be to any use for me as a person or Service Manager. How wrong I […]

Övervinn e-poststressen

Under min tid på Ericsson höll jag ett antal presentationer i ämnet “E-mail, stress och hur man kan hantera hundratals nya mail om dagen”, och implementerade själv en metod som jag gillade. Jag har normalt en helt tom inbox här på Basefarm. (Och nej, det räknas inte att gömma alla nya mail i en separat […]