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5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 5): Enterprise AI

For a long time the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been moving minds as it inspires fantasies and stokes fears. The step from machine intelligence to notably AI has caused the first entertaining and practical applications. This year, AI is starting to make an impact in entire companies, representing another significant leap: from individual to company-wide use.

5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 4): Cloud Security

Big Data and cloud computing are the drivers of digital transformation. Large, sometimes sensitive data volumes are being processed more quickly and comprehensively than ever before. Multicloud and hybrid cloud computing enable access to pretty much unlimited resources, as well as create unimaginable possibilities – and even new high demands on IT security, too, particularly when it comes to clouds.

5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 2): Data Ethics

The targeted, quick use of data in large volumes from various sources – Big Data – is becoming ever more commonplace within companies. As is the protection and security of this data, of course. But a crucial component has to be added, which addresses the responsibility of individuals and companies when dealing with data: data ethics.

5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 1): Data Thinking

Big Data and Cloud are central to pretty much all the technology topics of our time. From Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things to machine learning and deep learning to artificial and business intelligence – and beyond. Seems clear so far, right? To date, however, there have been few answers to the question of how everything will proceed. Answers are now due. It’s time for piecing together the bigger picture, which we will be doing in a small blog post series. Let’s start with Data Thinking.

Demystifying AI @ AAIC – *um makes Artificial Intelligence comprehensible

The first Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference (AAIC) took place in Vienna at the end of May. Solution developers, prospects, and users from different industries came together to exchange views on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unbelievable Machine was present as partner and exhibitor. The *um Data Scientists Ingo Nader and Clemens Zauchner explain our contribution to the understanding and applicability of the technology.

5 R’s for Cloud Migration

Legacy systems might provide too high a value to be abandoned. In such cases, cloud migration is an option for consideration and might leave you with a hybrid solution. Businesses moving forward can pick from 5 strategic Rs for legacy application migration.

7 steps for more secure web applications

The protection of your web application should be on the agenda from the first line of code and is key to functional and secure operations, of the application in the future. We recommend Detectify who helped out Facebook, Google, PayPal, Dropbox and lots of others and here we outline what you need to do to improve the security of your applications.