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When business continuity is key

Semantix, Scandinavia’s largest language company, has chosen Basefarm as their supplier of its business critical operations. High availability, security expertise and flexible solutions were on the wish list during the procurement process.

Introducing Nordkap – a Swedish success story.

In a short timeframe, Nordkap has established themselves as the leading web-based treasury system in Sweden and Norway. Their focus now is to continue to improve and develop the system in order to continue their growth – both in the Nordic region and Europe.

Successful IT Partnerships

Basefarm hosted a well-received breakfast seminar on the theme “Cloud safety versus flexibility and faster time to market”. One of the speakers was Anna Rehnström, responsible for the infrastructure at Basefarm. In this article, she shares her most important lessons about how to achieve a successful partnership with your IT provider.

Microsoft Azure Platform

If you aren’t using the Azure cloud platform today – you are falling behind. Startups, government agencies and 90% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft cloud service today and this is why you should join them.