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This is how many services we host…

Last week, a collegue and I attended LARV (a career day for students at Luleå university in Sweden) and met a lot of curious students. It was a day with many rewarding conversations with the students. Who knows, we might meet in the future again? During the day we arranged a competition at our booth […]

Sweden’s best sites from a hosting perspective

Tonight, the winners in the Swedish web competition Topp100, arranged by the magazine Internetworld, will be designated and here is the list of all nominated sites in all categories. Eight of our customers have been nominated in the competition and we at Basefarm are the engine behind everything and make sure that our customers services […]

Who won the raspberry?

Last week we attended the Swedish career day Armada 2012 in Stockholm. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth! Hope we meet in the future! 🙂 At our booth we arranged the competition “win a raspberry with Basefarm” where you could win a Raspberry Pi Model B V2 512 MB RAM, by guessing the […]

We have a winner from D-dagen!

In a previous blog post, we talked about a competition we arranged at the Swedish career day D-dagen at KTH. Christoffer Dahlgren and Daniel Swensson had guessed closest (with the same answer) in our competition. Today they visited us at our office in Stockholm to get a tour and make up for the firstplace. As […]

The competition from D-dagen at KTH

For a while ago, we visited D-dagen, a yearly career day at the technology school KTH in Stockholm. We had many rewarding conversations with the students and hope to meet you again in the future! Many students took part in a competition we arranged at D-dagen, where you could win headphones. I guess you are […]

Getting the right features

Working as a technician at a solution and hosting provider means that I often need to ask customers what parts of Windows they use. As soon as we meet a new customer we need to understand what parts of Windows they are using and what parts we need to setup in the customers environment in […]

Default = PowerShell

In a earlier blog post I wrote about how to generate passwords using PowerShell. Here comes another PowerShell advice for you. Now that Windows Server 2012 will be officially available many servers will be installed as ‘core’ servers. That is in itself a very good thing. The bad thing about it is that Microsoft have […]

Windows Server 2012 is coming!

A week from today Microsoft releases Windows Server 2012. For ordinary computer users this release may not mean a lot, but for us working with running large server systems it will be a game changer. Fundamental parts of the Windows Server operating system have been changed. Some changes are visible such as the lack of […]

Generate passwords using PowerShell

The other day I needed to generate some 1400+ new user passwords. Being a lazy person I figured that PowerShell could rescue me. This is what I did to check that my idea worked: PS C:\> Add-Type -AssemblyName “System.Web” PS C:\> [System.Web.Security.Membership]::GeneratePassword(10,2) 35&OjFtM^k As you can see this generates a password that is 10 characters […]