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Data Analytics platform is the new black

Big data swamp? That is what you get, unless you work structured, collect the right metadata and prepare documentation (yes) for your big data lakes.

“We prefer data analytic platform to data lakes. The data analytic platform is your one point of data for all different data sources in your company,” says Ingo Steins, deputy director of operations in The Unbelievable Machine Company (*UM), a part of the Basefarm Group.

Increase ROI on marketing efforts through machine learning and AI

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) helps marketers to better understand customers and improve customer experiences. Machine learning and AI can be used in marketing i.e. for customer predictive analysis and to design customer journeys more individually and targeted, that to increase ROI on each individual customer contact (to target market initiatives better for individual customers.)

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predicting the future from data! That sounds like science fiction, but it is becoming more and more a reality. Thanks to predictive analytics. Here we explain what this is and what data science and data-based forecasting models can do for companies.