2.3B Files Exposed in a Year: A New Record for Misconfigs

This blog post is a summary of this week’s Information Security News put together by our Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).

Amazon S3 cloud bucket misconfigurations however have dropped dramatically.

The last 12 months has seen the exposure of a record 2.3 billion files across cloud databases and online shares, according to an analysis released on Thursday.

A report from Digital Shadows’ Photon Research Team, Too Much Information: The Sequel, assessed the scale of inadvertent global data exposure. The 2.3 billion number represents an increase of more than 750 million files since 2018 – a more than a 50 percent annual increase.

The team’s research revealed that about half of the customer data, (1.071 billion files, including personal demographic information, passport scans and bank statements, job applications, personal photos, credentials for business networks and more) was exposed via the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol – a technology for sharing files first designed in 1983.

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